What I appreciate in Siemens Advanta Development is transparency, agile thinking, and focus on the level of quality that is provided.” - Michaela, Process Manager at Siemens Advanta Development

Delivering combined expertise under one roof

Digital Delivery Center opened the doors to a world of meaningful work for engineers and domain specialists while providing multidisciplinary support to customers, and Michaela and the team are helping the customers to optimize the building operations.

A few years ago, acquired Siemens Advanta Development in Slovakia a great opportunity, to set up a new Digital Delivery Center for the Regional Solutions & Services Europe business unit at Smart Infrastructure with a vision to provide multidisciplinary support to its customers. To make sure that this support will be provided on the highest quality level, a focus on building/creating the best possible solution is necessary. Michaela, who joined the team in 2020, has to setup the processes in an efficient way. Her work activities are essentially focused on ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Siemens Desigo CC product is one of the market leaders in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Fire Safety Systems (FSS). The onboarding and maintenance of the product are being provided by field engineers and support centers across Europe. Fulfilling a vision to unify activities of the regional Advanced Support Centers, the Digital Delivery Center was established as a centralized service provisioning unit for European customers.

As a Process Manager at Siemens Advanta Development, Michaela needs to consider many aspects to ensure the processes are essentially resulting in customer satisfaction.

Automation and digitalization

The Digital Delivery Center deals with data-driven services and application configuration. In addition to that, Digital Delivery Center provides analyses of building data collections to optimize the building operation.  This results in operating cost reduction and an increase in comfort for users of the building. Among others, the center provides services in the automation and digitalization area of heating, air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, or fire safety systems. 

The significant benefit of the Digital Delivery Center for customers is that the team of experts are located under one roof, which ensures a higher quality of the service as well as shorter response time, contributing to the overall customer satisfaction.

Michaela, born and raised in Bratislava, Slovakia, is one of them. She discovered her passion for capturing the relevant and required knowledge, that will help to understand the relevant process. She has found her enthusiasm in her project work. During the creation and delivery phases, she focuses only on building the best possible solution. The DDC is still young but it is continuously growing, gaining new experience, and shaping its own processes. “I tend to lose track of any activity around me in the creation phase,” she adds


I was amazed by many aspects of the workplace, I felt acknowledged, valued and appreciated.

Michaela´s path with Siemens crossed, out of the blue when she was at a crossroads in her career. At that time, Siemens Advanta Development promoted the Process Manager position. The job description was particularly captivating; thus, she has applied for the role, and her journey with Siemens career has begun. “I was amazed by many aspects of the workplace of Siemens. The willingness, goodwill, and kindness that everyone has shown to me felt marvelous. As an employee, I feel acknowledged, valued and appreciated."

Enthusiasm and good mood

In the free time, Michaela enjoys a variety of activities. Through the wintertime, she skis or snowboards, during the summer seaside visits and sightseeing. Throughout the year she escapes to nature and explores various mountains and castles. She spent a decade in the UK where she also visited as many places as possible. In addition to that, she enjoys family holidays. Michaela also started to practice swimming in the cold/icy water. She admits that she tried "ice bathing" initially solely because her brother dared her to do it. However, the truth is that she fell for it from the first minute.  Besides all the positive health aspects that she has gained, the thing she always enjoys the most is the company that you have in the water. People who practice swimming in the cold/icy water are full of enthusiasm and good mood.


Despite the Siemens Advanta role being rather new for me, I already found excitement in it. The first thing I noticed was the diversity of projects that I am taking part in. Each one is interesting and I always learn something new.” 


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