"Siemens lets you learn, grow, think, and have fun, all at the same time." - Rithu  

I joined as a student trainee three years ago. Since then, this beautiful journey has been exciting and enriching.

Why Siemens

From the SCADA center, I had interned in to my projects in college, the technologies used were from Siemens. When Siemens offered me a job after my graduation in its IoT department, I was excited to take it up, as it allowed me to follow my passion full-time. I didn't have an iota of doubt about joining this organization which was well known for employee satisfaction and retention and unquestionably the best in market leadership. Upon joining, I was given a choice of the specialization, and to date, there hasn't been a single day I regretted the decision to become a UI developer.

Work exposure

Today my primary role is that of a front-end software developer. The exposure and possibilities that Siemens provided are invaluable. I also learned a great deal about each domain I worked in, which reinforced the meaning and impact of our work. Knowing that every dashboard we build and every feature we implement make someone's efforts easier somewhere gives you a sense of purpose. During my two years, I interacted with clients from the USA, Germany, Singapore, Dubai, and India, which gave me great international exposure. One of my best experiences I've had here was the chance to host the students from the Siemens STEM program. As I demonstrated the innovative projects from our IoT laboratory in the Bangalore campus to these high school and engineering students, they were in awe, and their positive reaction was perhaps the greatest validation I have received as a professional.

Another experience that stayed with me was the innovative design challenge that Siemens India organized - Designathon. Having worked as a UI developer on the programming side, it was a wonderful experience to learn the entire workflow - from user experience to the design elements. My team winning the contest was the cherry on top.

Attitude and Inspiration

The best attribute I have learned from and got inspired by my seniors at work is that every problem we come across becomes an opportunity. At Siemens, as a team, we are all in the same boat always. Success and failures are both shared. You are encouraged to take responsibility; the ownership culture is set above everything. I have often witnessed the magic of working as a team and the beauty of having each other's back.

Learning for career development

Besides the regular work, I spent a considerable amount of time in innovation labs with state-of-the-art equipment like the proprietary S7 series of PLCs and superior technologies like the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) platform while also learning the craft of the trade from architects and mentors with several years of experience in the field. One of the projects I worked on introduced me to the concepts of 3D modeling. I had always been fascinated by the world of virtual reality and took this opportunity to pursue this topic further. Siemens gives you plenty of time to focus on yourself and provides a wonderful work-life balance.

Over the course of time, I have developed immense respect for the values Siemens, as a corporate, holds up and stands for in terms of equality, employee welfare, and environmental responsibility etc. Well, what else could you expect from a 100-year-old company that has always stood the test of time, no matter what.  Joining as a fresher, I thought I would be lost in a huge sea of experienced people, but Siemens surprised me with opportunities and visibility I had not dreamt of. It picks you up, motivates you to think, imagine, create, and contribute. Your voice is always heard, and I guess there is always comfort in knowing that your opinions can make a difference. There is always an accessible platform to drive your passion, pitch your ideas, and put them into action.