Operations and Business Impact with Cable Analytics

Act instead of react

Instead of reacting when cables break or get old, with Cable Analytics you can act to avoid cable breaking before it even happens. Analyzing underground cables based on already available data - using sophisticated data analytics and Machine Learning algorithms - helps reduce cable outages by up to a factor of 10. This lowers maintenance and repair costs and can substantially increase asset lifetime, deferring investments by up to 10 or more years.

As a result, our customers can shift investments away from regular inspections and scheduled maintenance, and focus repair and replacement efforts on cables and other above- and underground assets that have a particularly high likelihood of failure.

Use your data to smartly focus the repair and replacement efforts of your cables

  • Innovate customized business models around prescriptive maintenance
  • Solution workshop
  • Consult on your digital transformation journey
  • Design best in class solutions tailored to your needs
  • Provide access to our ecosystem
  • Close collaboration with your and our industry partners
  • Qualify third-party vendors
  • Optimize risk, TOTEX, and WFM according to your targets
  • Support Change Management along the whole journey
  • Integrate advanced AI models with your IT- and OT-systems
  • Data-driven analytics including your expert’s knowledge
  • Implement on-premise, hybrid, or cloud solutions
What we can do for you
  • Manage assets more efficiently
  • Optimize investments
  • Reduce risk of cable failure & enhanced safety

Combining Cable Analytics and Cable Diagnostics

Adding the option of a physical inspection of suspect cables completes a 360° view on your underground and aboveground cable assets.




Grid Maintenance Optimization

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The trend towards a more distributed energy ecosystem leads to higher complexity of operations for stakeholders. Distribution grid operators like Kärnten Netz GmbH in Austria strive to avoid outages by maintaining their extensive infrastructure in good health even with a growing amount of distributed energy sources. The involved maintenance efforts are substantial, consequently data-driven solutions predicting failure of critical assets can increase maintenance efficiency tremendously while reducing outage risk.

Cable Analytics is tailored to create operational and business impact by proactively optimizing your cable asset management

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Andy Schechter
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