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Enabling cities to achieve environmental goals

How can we improve city life? The quick answer is data. Cities, in all their complexities, are consistently generating huge volumes of data. We can use these insights to optimize the systems that support our urban lives – from transportation and health to energy consumption and safety. And these are real, tangible changes: by utilizing data, it’s possible to improve emergency response times, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve commutes. Dedicated solutions help leverage smart data to maximize city potential.

The Siemens City Performance Tool

To tackle these questions, Siemens has developed an interactive and comprehensive tool – the City Performance Tool (CyPT). It gives guidance to a city on how to achieve their environmental targets while providing an indication on how each infrastructure-related decision will influence job creation and the infrastructure sector growth.

Sustainability living and waste management

The City Performance Tool

  • evaluates buildings, transport and energy technologies in a city through more than 70 technologies deployed at the desired time period and required implementation level
  • measures the impacts of a city’s strategic plans, and compare traditional methods with state-of-the-art technologies
  • determines the implementation rate needed for any city to meet its future environmental targets
  • reports both environmental and economic KPIs across transport, building and energy sectors

"The City Performance Tool of Siemens shows a way forward by going beyond a simple carbon footprint. The inclusion of further pollutants (PM10 and NOx) and further sustainability dimensions (cost efficiency and job creation) goes definitely in the right direction.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner, Chair of Sustainable Engineering, TU Berlin

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