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Transformation Concepts for Additive Manufacturing: Siemens Advanta supports companies operating in additive manufacturing to reinvent their business based on a holistic concept. The holistic concept consists of three core elements: Additive Manufacturing Strategy & Business Model, Value-added Services for Design, and Value-added Services for Factories. Based on the client’s product and manufacturing strategy, our approach guides them from defining a holistic roadmap and maximizing Additive Manufacturing impact, through defining and optimizing the products or designs for Additive Manufacturing, to defining and scaling a future-proof Additive Manufacturing factory. 

  • Additive Manufacturing strategy & business model 
  • Value-added services for design 
  • Value-added services for factories 
What we can do for you
  • Increase efficiency of additive manufacturing processes and factories 
  • Significant improvement in production process performance 
  • Achieve sustainability goals by saving resources 
  • More efficient management of production assets 
  • Increase revenue streams through efficiency gains and new business opportunities 

Our industry leader

Please reach out to Martin Schönfelder for more information.
Martin Schönfelder
Martin Schönfelder
Global Consulting Expert Factory & Supply Chain Transformation